Wardrobe & Storage Specialists  |  by Darrell Whiteman

Time to Smell the Roses — and Go Fishing!

After many wonderful years in this business, we have decided it is time to slow down and retire.

Kelvin and Gail will no longer be accepting any new measures. All the jobs currently in progress will be completed.

We have met some wonderful people in our journey. We would like to thank all our wonderful past clients for giving us the opportunity to install your units.

To our loyal builders we have worked with for the past 26 years: A very big thank you.

Now it is time for us to get the lines out and catch some fish. See you on the water!

With kindest regards,

Kelvin & Gail

Summer in the Coromandel & Holiday Home Wardrobes

I caught this photo on a recent drive along the east coast of the Coromandel peninsula on my way to measure for a custom wardrobe in Whitianga. Around here, it’s always a good day for a bit of fishing! One of the best parts about living in this beautiful region is meeting so many friends, neighbours and clients who love to get out and enjoy it as much as Kelvin and I do.


As you might have guessed from the photos on this site, Kelvin and I are both keen on fishing (we have several marlin and tuna to our credit) and have a huge love for the sea. This summer, we’ve been dividing our time between our home and workshop in Thames and our holiday place in Pauanui, spending as much time on the boat as we can.

If you find yourself spending more time at your holiday home in the Coromandel and are interested in making some updates to its wardrobes or storage solutions, let us know. We understand what a big impact thoughtful storage solutions can make. You can contact us through our website or perhaps we’ll run into each other by the beach!



Wardrobe with Built-In Mirror — and a Great View — Near Coromandel Town

by Gail Inskeep

A few weeks ago I shared a view from a wardrobe design consultation in Whitianga, on a sunny day with blue skies. Today I just have to share another stunning view from one of my consultations, this one just outside of Coromandel town. The view from this room is spectacular — even in the rain!

Wardrobe with built-in mirror and views of mountains outside Coromandel town

The wardrobe we installed in this room blends beautifully into the simple white walls when its doors are closed. When they’re open, it offers everything you need within easy reach.

My favorite feature of this wardrobe is the nice big mirror Kelvin custom fit into the nook above the drawers. It’s perfect for putting on jewellery and checking your look. Even better, it reflects some of that amazing view!

Is there a special feature like this that could make your life a little easier? Let us know and we can probably figure out how to build it especially for your space. I’ll be happy to arrange a complimentary consultation and no-obligation quote.

I hope you enjoy your view today — rain or shine!

Whitianga Wardrobe Consultation + Spring Updates for Your Holiday Home

by Gail Inskeep

A few weeks ago I was lucky to find myself driving from our home here in Thames to a beautiful holiday home near Whitianga for a wardrobe design consultation. It was one of those gorgeous spring days when the sky was blue and the sea was shimmering.

I caught this view near the marina in Whitianga:

Marina in whitianga.

Lucky for me, I get to visit quite a few holiday homes in Whitianga and around the Coromandel to provide consultations regarding new wardrobes, sliding doors or other storage solutions.

Many of our clients are taking a fresh look at their home after the winter. This is an excellent time to consider thoughtful upgrades that can make your summer even more enjoyable.

If you’re thinking about updating your home or bach, contact us and I’ll be very happy to drop by for a consultation and a free, no-obligation quote. I could also arrange to meet you at our showrooms in Thames and in Whitianga.

If you see me driving around the Coromandel with a smile this spring, now you’ll know why — views like these are one of the perks of my job!

Special Offer: Pull-Out Shoe Shelves for Your Wardrobe

Update: Please note this limited-time offer is no longer available. Thanks to those who took advantage of it! Be sure to check out News & Special Offers for our latest specials. 

by Gail Inskeep

Here at Wardrobe & Storage Specialists, we’re recently re-branded and are ready to celebrate!

We’re thrilled to announce a special offer to celebrate: for the months of August, September and October, the shoe shelves in your new wardrobe can be transformed at no extra charge to sliding pull-out shelves. This offer is available for new installations in these three months. If you’d like to take advantage of this special, just tell us when you place your order that you’ve seen this special on the website.

This custom feature is one of those thoughtful details that makes life a little bit easier.

Take a look at these sliding pull-out shoe shelves:

Sliding pull-out shoe shelves in a custom wardrobe. Built in the Coromandel.

Create your perfect wardrobe with sliding pull-out shoe shelves.

Contact us to take advantage of this special offer or chat about your wardrobe and storage needs. We’d love to help create your perfect wardrobe.

To stay informed about special offers throughout the year, watch this space or sign up to receive news and updates by email.

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Laundry Transformation: Before & After

by Gail Inskeep

Do you have laundry in your living area? Create a tidy look with a custom-made laundry. It can really transform your space. Take a look with this step-by-step refurbishment of the laundry area in one Thames home.

Step One: The starting point. The laundry was visible as part of the kitchen.

"Before" photo of laundry storage at a home in Thames New Zealand


Step Two: Pulled out! Kelvin removed the existing laundry machine and cupboard before installing the new solution.

Laundry storage solution under construction at a home in Thames


Step Three: New laundry system! The new system has plenty of shelving and storage. This photo shows it with the doors partially open.

Tidy laundry storage solution in the kitchen of a home in Thames, New Zealand. Includes sliding doors and shelves for extra storage.


Step Four: New laundry with the doors closed! Custom sliding doors mean the laundry system can be covered for a simple and tidy look.

Custom laundry storage solution in a Thames kitchen. Includes full sliding doors so the laundry is hidden from view.

At Wardrobe & Storage Specialists, we love transforming a “before” space into an “after” that you truly love.

Learn more about our laundry solutions and give us a call to talk about a happily ever after for your laundry or other storage challenges.